Managed Web Operations for Associations and Non-Profits


We can help with a many of your daily needs
  • Mini-Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Templates
  • Content Updates


We're experts in data collection and management
  • Membership Renewals
  • Events
  • Data Integration


Our team can keep on top of your site maintenance
  • CMS Updates
  • Custom Development
  • Security and Compliance

Let our experts help you with Managed Web Operations

Configure and Manage your CMS
Let our team assist you with updates, configurations, and site management.
Perform Content Updates
Need a new landing page, or content updated - we can help you do that.
Add New Functionality
Want to extend your site, or add new functionality? Our technologists can jump in and get that done.

Our Offering

Proactive Security and Operations
Most common CMS platforms release security patches on vulnerabilities that if not performed will result in a compromised site. Our network and security team will proactively perform these updates for you – no fuss, no drama, no spam content.
New Layouts and Templates
If your current site frustrates you because you cannot layout content the way you want; we can create new templates for you and train your team. We can also implement page builders that make it easy to perform drag-and-drop page layouts. Sometimes you need to modify graphics, page structure, navigation, or do an A/B test. Our team can help with that.
Performance Improvements
Users will not tollerate a site that is slow to load. Our experts can fine tune your existing web application and implement edge caching and cloud infrastructure solutions that will enable your site to respond lightning fast at scale.
Software Development
When you want to expand your application or site to do more – with integration with external systems, new application features, or even mobile optimization; let us know. If the scope of your request takes more hrs than you have we can either pull hrs forward or create a standalone project to accomplish what you want.
Operational Playbook
At the start of every engagement we do a review of your current environment – everything from how the site is hosted, what technology components are utilized, what external systems play a role, and do some performance benchmarking.
Technology Review
Our senior technologists will schedule ongoing reviews to take a deep dive into the health of your web operations. We would determine architecture needs, performance improvements, and identify other value driven features that would benefit your organization.



5 hrs
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  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Security and Release Updates


10 hrs
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  • Basic features plus
  • Operational Roadmap
  • Monthly Performance Reporting
  • Yearly Technology Review
  • Use hours for new templates and software development


50 hrs
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  • Gold features plus
  • Monthly Technology Reviews
  • Operational performance dashboard
  • Use additional hours for: Larger Scope Custom Software Development and/or Mobile Development

How we do it: We've got you covered

  • Our help desk is standing by 24/7 to proactively monitor your site and address your needs.
  • Our engineers perform basic hygiene: updates, monitoring, performance tuning, template modifications, and systems operations. Because we are full-stack and full life-cycle technolgists we also do custom development.
  • We utilize industry leading tools for ticketing, tracking, monitoring, and DevSecOps and combine that with senior technologists for strategic analysis.
  • So, to make it easy we offering comprehensive access to our development, design, user experience, security, networking, and hosting resources in a monthly package.
  • Each of our tiers include two months of roll-over for unused hours and two months of pulling ahead for when you need more.

Contact Info

2500 Wilson Blvd.
Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201

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